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November 2008



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Nov. 20th, 2008


(no subject)

It's been one month and 9 days since I've last written. So much has happened.

I'll start with non-school related things. I finished the Twilight series, of course. HATED BREAKING DAWN. Waste of time. Started Midnight Sun (even though I swore I wouldn't - sorry Stephenie :/). It's good. Edward's fucking crazy. Tomorrow's the movie! I remember when we and Heather would be like, "OMFG 47 DAYS, ITS SO SOON!" ...And now it's TOMORROW! We're unfortunately going at 10:20pm, because a couple of the girls couldn't go at midnight. I'm such a good friend. But it's going to be me, Aneesa (by force), Molly, Courtney, Mackenzie, Chelsea, Heather, Nicole, and Leah. :D I'm so excited! It better not suck. I'm nervous.

Anyway. Friend situation is still weird. Molly and Mackenzie are without a doubt my best friends. Aneesa is still number one, but her little "DSC" is killing it for her. I still hate Sarah. Nothings changed.

Schooool.. is school. I stayed home today actually. I've got a severe case of senioritis. It's getting pretty serious. ;)

Nothing else to write about. Now, I'm going to try to find out how to get a custom layout. Twilight, plz.



Sep. 11th, 2008

(no subject)

Okaaaay, so it's been a while since I've written. Senior year has begun, and it's not all that bad.

(Caution: Eclipse spoilers.)
I finished New Moon, Eclipse, and bought Breaking Dawn last night. As much as I loveee Robert Pattinson and Bella/Edward's relationship, I can't help but feel so so so bad for Jacob. When Bella kissed him, she admitted herself that she was in love with him. I understand how her and Edward are meant to be, but I sincerely think she's making a huge mistake by changing herself, and basically distancing herself for Jake forever. He doesn't deserve that. He's so much more of a better fit for Bella - and just let he said, there's so much more she'd be able to do with him. Like be a human. Bella and Edward obviously have an amazing amount of chemistry, and they're undoubtedly in love but there's a difference in Edward's type of hurt if he lost Bella, and Jacob's type of hurt that he's feeling right now. I cried from the moment that I found out that Jacob was hurt in Eclipse, to the very last page of the epilouge.

I could write/talk forever about this. But I won't.

Does anyone feel like telling me how I get a header for my profile or making something Twilight-y? :)

Aug. 25th, 2008


(no subject)

Alicia messaged me on Facebook today. Weird.

Anywho. These past couple days have been stressful. I've been seaching for the perfect jeans. Impossible, right? RIGHT. I found good Dickies but my mom freaked because they were $80. So I couldn't get them. But I looked online and found them for $55. I need to go back to Old Navy and get some though. And I just can't find any clothes that I like. I wish I could wear Adidas shorts and t-shirts to school. :(

I feel like going more in depth with this Alicia thing. It's been about... hm, 10 months since I last really talked to her. A couple words here in there in ceramics, but nothing really life changing. So I got a message that was basically along the lines of "I still care about you... I hope you don't hate me... I want to talk again." Yes, she did some fucked up things. For example: 1) Becoming friends (again) with the only person I hate in the world, 2) Not necessarily talking shit about Meredith, but laughing along with people who made fun of her, 3) Being bitching in ceramics with Sasha. EW, EW, EW. I bet the only reason she's talking to me again is because her and her asshole of an boyfriend broke up. Whatever. I always said I wouldn't ever give her a THIRD chance. But I guess it is nice to talk to her again.

That's all for nowwww. I'm still obsessed with Twilight/Robert Pattinson. 11/21 can't come soon enough.

And I think I have poision ivy.

xo - Holly

Aug. 23rd, 2008


(no subject)

Once again, I began to forget about this. It's not like anyone reads it anyways.

Thursday I ended up having work, 3-6. Once again, it wasn't bad. I feel like I got so lucky with this job, it's crazy. Perfect hours. I know my schedule. Amazing people. It's wonderful. I love it a lot.

After work I went to Aneesa's house, basically did nothing. Friday, I went to the school for a little while and planned some things for the freshman orientation with Aneesa and Meredith. Then we got Subway, and went to see The House Bunny. It was really cute. :)

Today, I went out for breakfast with Katie at The Grill. It was recently bought by a relative of the owners, and it looks a lot better and the food was a lot better, too. Haha.


Oh, Twilight. <3 I really need to get the last two books, and I can't wait until the movie comes out. I'm midly completely obsessed. I've been crazy looking for new clips/trailers besides the two that have been released, but I can't find them anywhere. It's about three months until the 21st of November. I'm so excited, and without a doubt going to the midnight show. Then seeing it 10 more times. It better be amazing, or I'll go all Volturi on their asses. ;)

I guess that'll be enough for now. I have senior pictures on Monday, and I need shirts really bad. =/ Mom needs to take me shopping tomorrow.

xo - Holly

Aug. 21st, 2008


(no subject)

Well, I didn't post Tuesday night. Sorry! Life has been kind of hectic. Seriously.

Sunday: Paramore :) Absolutely amazing.
Monday: Nothing.
Tuesday: Slept at Kelly's.

Haha, yeah. I magically ended up with a job yesterday. No interview. It's great. I went in yesterday, 3-6. I'm definitely known as The New Girl. Rachel trained me, and she's Johnny G's older sister, so that's was cool. She goes to PC and she's leaving next Thursday, and I know I'm already going to miss having her around. Then there's Andrew. :) Soooo cute. But he has a girlfriend, who went to Gay Zoo. But whatever, he's nice to look at. Then there's a couple older ladies, and I don't remember their names. I haven't even met my boss yet. :P But that's okay. I don't know when I'm working again. I'm expecting to get a call this morning.

I don't really have anything planned for today. I really need to finish my summer reading, except I just keep telling myself I'll finish it in Maine. Even though I don't even know if I'll be able to go to Maine, because of work. Five days, home alone. Doesn't sound too appealing, even though it's probably every teenagers dream.

Anyways. I know I've probably said this to myself, and others, milllions of times, but I seriously need to get in shape. I want to be able to run three miles before tennis starts in March. I want to be healthy. Everyone always tells me I have the height of a model (which 5'10" certainly qualifies for), but I also want the body of a model. And I'd have to say, working with Andrew is definitely giving me legitimite incentive. So, when I get my license I'm going to go to the gym everyday after work, because I'm basically dressed in gym clothes anyways. I can't wait. :) And eating healthy won't be difficult, because it's not like I eat badly now. I just need to work on distracting myself throughout the day to prevent from snacking.

So, I think I'm seriously going to do some reading and eat breakfast (Special K with red berries, yum!). Maybe hit the gym if someone's around to take me? I hate not having my license more than anything in the world. And what makes it worse is, I have a car! Haha.

xo - Holly

Aug. 19th, 2008

(no subject)

Just getting started, again. I'll write something good tonight! :)