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November 2008

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Well, I didn't post Tuesday night. Sorry! Life has been kind of hectic. Seriously.

Sunday: Paramore :) Absolutely amazing.
Monday: Nothing.
Tuesday: Slept at Kelly's.

Haha, yeah. I magically ended up with a job yesterday. No interview. It's great. I went in yesterday, 3-6. I'm definitely known as The New Girl. Rachel trained me, and she's Johnny G's older sister, so that's was cool. She goes to PC and she's leaving next Thursday, and I know I'm already going to miss having her around. Then there's Andrew. :) Soooo cute. But he has a girlfriend, who went to Gay Zoo. But whatever, he's nice to look at. Then there's a couple older ladies, and I don't remember their names. I haven't even met my boss yet. :P But that's okay. I don't know when I'm working again. I'm expecting to get a call this morning.

I don't really have anything planned for today. I really need to finish my summer reading, except I just keep telling myself I'll finish it in Maine. Even though I don't even know if I'll be able to go to Maine, because of work. Five days, home alone. Doesn't sound too appealing, even though it's probably every teenagers dream.

Anyways. I know I've probably said this to myself, and others, milllions of times, but I seriously need to get in shape. I want to be able to run three miles before tennis starts in March. I want to be healthy. Everyone always tells me I have the height of a model (which 5'10" certainly qualifies for), but I also want the body of a model. And I'd have to say, working with Andrew is definitely giving me legitimite incentive. So, when I get my license I'm going to go to the gym everyday after work, because I'm basically dressed in gym clothes anyways. I can't wait. :) And eating healthy won't be difficult, because it's not like I eat badly now. I just need to work on distracting myself throughout the day to prevent from snacking.

So, I think I'm seriously going to do some reading and eat breakfast (Special K with red berries, yum!). Maybe hit the gym if someone's around to take me? I hate not having my license more than anything in the world. And what makes it worse is, I have a car! Haha.

xo - Holly